New date for WEL 2020 (actually in 2021!)

WEL 2020, as a single night event, unfortunately, had to be cancelled and is now taking place in a different way. The following text is now deprecated.

new date for your calendar

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart that we had to take the decision to reschedule Lincoln West End Lights 2020. It’s not cancelled, just due to happen a bit later. The recently announced COVID-19 lockdown in England is currently scheduled to end on 2/12/2020, but there is already a lot of rumours and uncertainty about this end date. We simply want to avoid the disappointment to call West End Lights off very late, i.e. 3 days before it is due to happen. This seems unfair when people put all the hard work and creativity into their creation.

The main reason for scheduling West End Lights always on the Friday of the first December weekend was to have it co-located with the Lincoln Christmas market. The market has been cancelled in 2020 anyways, so we also can take the liberty to schedule West End Lights more freely, and have decided to reschedule it on Saturday, 23rd January 2021, same time 6-9 pm. As we are “freed from the shackles” of the Christmas market, we also agreed to have West End Lights on a Saturday instead of the traditional Friday, due to popular demand (illuminators had voiced the opinion that a Saturday allows them to prepare their illuminations in a more relaxed fashion, not having to do it right after returning from work in a rush). We will also stick to the “branding” of West End Lights 2020, in the hope that the regular festival will return in December 2021, with a co-located Christmas market.

We hope you welcome this change in date. If you had already signed up to be part of it as an illuminator, we sincerely hope you will be able to light up still on 23/01/2021. We’ll keep all registration “on file”, but if this new date provides others with the opportunity to join in, please do so: You can still (and now even longer) sign up for our illuminators mailing list, and put yourself on the West End Lights map.

West End Lights 2020: We’ll shine later, but even brighter.

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