West End Lights is only possible because of you, our Illuminators. Whether you are an experienced illuminator in WEL or somebody who has only recently moved into the area, you are welcome to be part of this unique community experience.

What is West End Lights?

Lincoln’s annual home grown pop-up festival of light not only takes to the streets but lights them up too!

Front windows become cinema screens, shadow puppets step out of the darkness and light sculptures bloom in West End gardens. It’s created entirely by volunteers, local residents both old and new and shines for one night only each year.

It started in 2010 when a few houses shone out across the icy snow that held the city in its wintry grip that year. Since then it has grown and now over 60 houses, schools and the church get involved. It’s even sparked similar festivals in Tunbridge Wells, London and Toronto.

Its heart though is here in the West End of Lincoln city where each year images flicker from houses, projections creep up walls and lights bud and open in roadside trees.

It’s become a unique local tradition when residents wrap up warm to gather on street corners to marvel at their neighbours’ creations and surprised passersby stop in their tracks to look again at the trickery of light that has magically appeared out of the darkness in front of them.

In 2023, we will glow again! The date is still to be confirmed. To stay in the loop, why not sign up to our mailing list?

What do I have to do to become an active part of it?

Join the mailing list to stay in the loop

If you are considering joining the fun in 2024, and you want to be in the loop about activities and news, simply register below to be signed up to our illuminators mailing list, to receive all the updates in preparation for this and all coming West End Lights. If you have signed up before (in 2020 – 2023), we hope you will still be joining in again in 2024, and have kept you on the mailing list, so there is no need to sign up again. If you are a new illuminator for 2024, please sign up below. The only requirement: You need to have access to a house in the Lincoln Westend (and immediately neighbouring areas, we are very tolerant!) to illuminate. Once you have registered below, you’ll soon receive a welcome email from the organising team, and we will soon let you know how you put yourself on our map for the big night to glow.

Put yourself on the map

This section will open closer to the time, when we’ll ask all illuminators to put themselves on our map. Watch this space and emails sent to the mailing list.