West End Lights:
Saturday, 23rd January 2021 Friday, 4th December 2020 6-9 pm

Lincoln West End Lights is one night in the year when we turn the front of our houses into film screens and light up the streets with images, moving shadows and short films to delight and enchant residents and surprised passersby.

It started on a cold winter’s night in December 2010. The West End of Lincoln was unusually quiet. Its streets closed to traffic because of a deep covering of snow but from nine houses lights shone out into the winter’s night. Those who braved the ice and cold saw an angel flying in York Avenue and a Lincolnshire Boggart hiding his treasures in Moor Street.

In 2011 films, shadow plays, lanterns and words glowed from 26 houses. Families collected on corners to watch shoals of fish dancing, stories unfolding before them and fleeting images from Lincoln’s past appear and melt away.

And now it is time to prepare for Lincoln West End Lights 2020 which will take place on Saturday, 23rd January 2021 Friday, 4th December 2020 (moved due to COVID 19 lock-down in England, see details here), between 6 pm and 9 pm.

Be part, as a visitor or indeed as an illuminator in this world-unique festival in Lincoln, UK.

A brief introduction of Lincoln West End Lights, recorded in 2017 by the University of Lincoln’s Student Life Team.

Map of Illuminations 2020

The map will soon be released

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