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WEL 2020 is different (and has no map)

As detailed here, we, unfortunately, won’t have our “usual” West End Lights due to the pandemic. And hence, there will be no map either. But the map will return for WEL 2021. We will reach out to all illuminators again for WEL 2021 to put them on the map for the return of the full-on West End Lights. The text below is now deprecated and illuminators will not feature on a map (and therefore don’t need to sign up!).

The map to guide them all

woman looking at the map

As we have reached the milestone of more than 50 illuminators signed up (If you have not yet, consider doing so at our Illuminators page!), we are ready to move onto the next phase for Lincoln West End Lights 2020. If you are an illuminator, it’s time to put yourself on our map! For the big night, we want to give our visitors the best experience and guide them through the West End in search of the brightest ideas, the most glorious illuminations, and inspiring visualisations, and to do so we will again release all registered illuminations on a map, accessible online from people’s phones here on this web site.

Your own illuminator’s webspace

As an addition, a first in 2020, illuminators also can also have their own little webspace on our WEL website. Be it to share the story behind your illumination and yourself, or to allow people who can’t join for the night itself a glimpse of your creation (video, photos, etc). Let’s widen participation in West End Light. Here’s an example.

Fill out the details

To put you on the map and provide you with your (optional) webspace, we need a few details from you. Please fill out this form, providing your email address, name, address, and title of your illumination. Also, make sure you have signed up to our mailing list to stay up to date (you probably already have, though).

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