West End Lights in less than 4 weeks

On 3/12/2021 it’s time to shine again, after WEL 2020 unfortunately had to be cancelled. We will be shining from 6 pm onwards. While it feels it is just around the corner, there is still time for you to get involved as an illuminator: Be an active part of WEL 2021 and bring a spark into our Westend. If you are still still looking for inspiration, check out some of our gallery and the video on the WEL home page. But in general: Anything from simple and beautiful, static or dynamic, to elaborate and interactive is go! Video installations, light installations, candles, lasers, projectors,… be creative! It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the special community of Lincoln’s Westend.

What do I do to join and shine?


  1. sign up on to mailing list through the form on the illuminators page (takes 1 minute!).
    You’ll be receiving all the relevant communication about West End Lights, in 2021 and beyond
  2. put yourself on the map.
    Once you have the idea for your illumination in WEL 2021, simply fill this form to confirm your illumination and put yourself on the map. The map will soon be available here on this website.

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