Welcome Illuminators

West End Lights 2020

We will be lighting up the West End of Lincoln on Friday 4th December 2020 between 6pm and 9pm! Mark the date in your calendar.

This year more than any other we feel our West End community needs to come together and bring a little light into everyone’s lives.

If you haven’t already heard, after many years of co-ordinating the annual West End Lights festival Simon Fitch is taking a step back. A group of fellow West Enders has taken up the baton and will continue to facilitate this wonderful event. I’m sure everyone would like to thank Simon for his many years of hard work, expenditure and inspiration!

You as an Illuminator

If you want to know more about West End Lights please visit our relaunched and growing website.

As you are probably already spinning ideas for your illumination, have a look at our (growing) gallery https://www.lincoln-west-end-lights.com/gallery/ and keep an eye for news on https://www.lincoln-west-end-lights.com/blog/

No illumination is too small or too big, too simple or too techy. Be it colourful screen and balloons, more or less artistic video compilations, short movies, illustrations and animations, or even a “light-full” performance. West End Lights is about a community achieving and enjoying together, so let’s live this spirit.

As in previous years, we will have a map of all “registered” illuminations, and we’ll in due course email you again to put you on that map with your own idea.

As we have a new webspace, we can also offer any illuminator who so wishes a dedicated page for their own illumination that will be linked from the web. This way, you can even show your illuminations to people who can’t join in during the night or provide more information about your illumination. Just as you like, it will be your space if you want it. Further details will follow in due course.

Also, please spread the word further. We already have a good number of people on this mailing list, but we need more to join in and light-up the winter night. Get them to sign up at https://www.lincoln-west-end-lights.com/illuminators/.

The wel-illuminators@googlegroups.com mailing list

As a member of the mailing, you can post here, too. This is not meant to be a one-way communication channel. If you have a question, an idea but need some support or someone to help to bring it to light, or a suggestion, reach out by emailing wel-illuminators@googlegroups.com to reach our community of WEL illuminators.

We are also on social media: 

Twitter             @westendlights

Instagram        @lincoln_west_end_lights

Facebook        /lincolnwestendlights

Coronavirus – keep left!

We know it’s important to avoid spreading Covid-19 but we feel the risks associated with small groups and families walking around the West End in the evening are minimal. However, we do think it will help to maintain social distancing if people walk in one direction on the pavement. 

Therefore we’re asking people to keep the illuminations on their left at all times as they walk up and down the streets. That way the foot traffic should flow more freely. 

Thanks for reading this far. Let’s hope this year’s West End Lights is the best ever!

The West End Lights Organising Group

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