West End Lights 2020 is ON!

We will be lighting up the West End of Lincoln on Friday 4th December 2020 between 6pm and 9pm!

This year more than any other we feel our West End community needs to come together and bring a little light into everyone’s lives.

If you haven’t already heard, after many years of coordinating the annual West End Lights festival Simon Fitch is taking a step back. A group of fellow West Enders has taken up the baton and will continue to facilitate this wonderful event. I’m sure everyone would like to thank Simon for his many years of hard work, expenditure and inspiration!

Get involved

If you want to know anything about West End Lights please visit the website: https://www.lincoln-west-end-lights.com.

Here you will find a link to contact us and a short form to fill in if you would like to sign up to the mailing list of illuminators. No need for super-techy or artistic installations! Simply light up your window this year to shine a light. BTW, there is also a gallery of some illuminations from recent years to look at that may inspire you. Please do sign up and get involved. No strings attached: Signing up doesn’t mean you commit to illuminate, but it just signs you up to our mailing list to keep you in the loop.

Social Media

We are also on social media:

Twitter @westendlights
Instagram @lincoln_west_end_lights
Facebook /lincolnwestendlights

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