During the Spring of 2020 the international Cinematheque film education project came to a grinding halt as schools closed.

Around the world young people and their teachers revised their ambitious film-making plans and created visual responses to their new, unprecedented situation.

You can find a full range of films here: http://blog.cinematheque.fr/100ans20192020/les-videos/

Some films were created in our West End community, including the newly ‘liberated’ golf course – a magical find for walkers who thought it was ‘out of bounds’ and realised that it belongs to all of us. These films will be screened at 28 Richmond Road on 3rd December 2021 as part of West End Lights

Lockdown silence – filmed at Richmond Road Lincoln – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYuKP6p60wk

Good Friday 2020 – filmed in ‘historic Lincoln’ and at Lincoln’s West Common – https://youtu.be/GWXmDPMJT78

Lockdown Windows Today – filmed at Richmond Road Lincoln – https://youtu.be/QDkrp4SEbk8